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Joseph Janowski About

I consider Myself an Expressionist. I Feel that My Soul or Id is Reflected in My Art. I Am a Male Age 43. My Favorite Music Group is Led Zepplin. I have been Drawing since I was Eight. and have been Painting for aboutSix Years. I went to Delaware College of Art and Design. and have taken classes all over Delawre at Places like The Art Wharehouse in Newark and the Delawre Art Museum. 2 comments


I moved to Delaware when I was one years old. My Mother was A really Creative Person who Raised four Children with me being last on her own by going to College and working full time. I was a Wildchild and got into all kinds of small messes. I got into Art because I was too small to work hard and I couldn't sing or dance. What I wanted to do was Create single Powerful Paintings. I started drawing Comicbook art without the intention of being a Comicbook Artist but that is what My Friends were doing. I worked Many Small jobs and have been living on My own for Twenty Years.


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