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Gail Cramer founded Solutions for the 21st Century in 1993. It is a graphic and web design business dedicated to developing solutions for ever changing customer needs in unique quality design when establishing their print and website identities. A fine art solution has recently been born at The images here on Artid are a part of that fine art solution and can be viewed only on artid.they may be purchased here or on Contact: 1 comment


My art work is 100% digital. Why? Because digital art is the interface between art and science. It unifies our brain power; the imaginative, creative right half and the analytical, mathematical left. It can teach us how to think, and conversely, tie our wandering thoughts to reality. Great scientists attest to the value of imagery in perfecting their theorems or inventions. But that doesn''t mean that digital art can't be beautiful! It can be the most beautiful art work because of its precision. Digital art is the 21st century medium. Digital tools, brushes, pens, pencils, erasers, sponges along with as a host of others, are created mathematically. Learning to use them is a long and sometimes frustrating process (but you can't spill the paint.) Any picture should be seen through your eyes and your brain with no expectation of seeing what anyone else sees. Your perception of anything is YOURS and only yours. Buy a painting because you like it, and look at it again and again the way you re-view a favorite movie. It's a piece of the mirror that reflects your image. It's a piece of you.

My formal art training is sparce. For several years I took life drawing classes at the Art Student's League in New York City because, even when sitting still, the human form is in motion. It is alive. And that is what I have always tried to capture in my art work - the motion, the life. Whether the picture is of a leaf, a chair, or a human or animal figure, it moves, it is alive.

As a native New Yorker I have always had access to some of the greatest art museums in the world and have spent many hours in them, absorbing the results of master skills, then practicing ways of translating these techniques to a digital canvas.


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