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I am an abstract, non-representational painter. I mostly paint with acrylics. 1 comment


I arrived late to the art party when I was 60 years Old. I never knew how to take my inner desires for freedom and release them from their shell until, at 60 I decided to take my first painting class. After a lifetme devoid of drawing, painting, and the formal arts, I suddenly found that "ordinary' life had placed so many limits on me.This new medium was a freedom of color and movement.

I began painting in 2003, with the intention of painting portraits-creating small, controlled images. Upon critquing my paintings my teacher said I was, "tight and tense", and needed to release my tension and try making large paintings. I went home and bought big canvases and acrylic paint that dries quickly and began experimenting with big strokes and bold colors of oranges, reds, and blacks. I felt wonderful-loose and free of tension.

Several bold and bright paintings later, something transformative happened. I wanted to really feel what I was painting-connect directly from my heart, arms, and hands to the canvas. I put down my brush, put my hands in the paint and touched the canvas. It was electrical. The relationship between me and the painting was foraged. With this new-found-freedom to use my hands, in addition to brushes,I found myself returning to the canvas more and more frequently.

susan o gordon


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