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Christopher Cimonetti About

I'm a few years older than when the picture you see was taken and I don't smoke anymore. Whatever else I may have been in my life - kid, student, store clerk, PC Tech, and now an IT Director - I have always been an artist. I used to paint fantasy pictures - you can see one in the photo in the background. At best, I was fair at it. The thing is, when painting fantasy I found I enjoyed doing loose backgrounds and clouds more than the actual subject of the painting. I decided to give abstraction a try and discovered I really liked it. Through abstraction and contemporary styles I can express feelings and ideas, which means much more to me than painting elves and wizards. Each day at work I sit in my office writing e-mails, preparing budgets, attending teleconferences - all the while just waiting to go home so I can paint. I am vaguely synesthetic. Thoughts and concepts produce images in my head. Usually I have the same inner monologue we all have, but sometimes it stops and is replaced by a flow of images. The noise in my head vanishes and all I see is abstraction. Everything I paint contains elements of this - the more abstract something is the more synesthesia you are seeing. 1 comment


Born: Mar 31, 1969

Died: TBD


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