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Sketch Me is a small art studio offering portrait art and other affordable art to the online world, and on a 1-to-1 basis within the local area. The studio, which is located in Stockport, UK, was set-up in anticipation of 'the boom', a renewed demand or revival in affordable portrait art - the studio artist's speciality, as he has many years of experience in the portrait arts and crafts industry.

The custom made hand drawn charcoal portraits sketched from he client's photographs, are extremely durable once they have been mounted behind glass, laminated or sprayed with a lacquer.

Charcoal as a medium is fast, direct, and responsive which is reflected in the price, putting art within reach of everybody and bringing it into the homes of the general public. Portraits can be commissioned for any occasions such as, weddings, anniversaries, graduations other special occasions. The subject can be yourself, relatives, family, pets or any other landscape or item. A great gift idea.

It is generally accepted that charcoal's most earliest use was to create cave paintings dating back to early man. Modern art has embraced it as a very popular medium for finished paintings and drawings. Charcoal drawings of famous artists have become much admired, and very valuable artworks in their own right; the sketchbooks of Leonardo da Vinci for example. Portraits are drawn on thick 'superior white' card stock with soft British made Willow charcoal. These hand drawn originals will become valuable additions to a family art collection, beautiful heirlooms to pass onto future generations.

The studio is owned by Japie Goosen who have specialised in the portrait arts and crafts business for many years. Having previously worked for a portrait studio, Japie is more than qualified to oversee the portrait studio.


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