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MountainWoman Silver Art Blog

Mountain Woman Silver Discovers Artist Andrew Polk

by silver , November 25, 2009—01:29 PM

Topics: Silver, abstract painter, artist Andrew Polk, mountain, woman, writing artist statements

I have just discovered an abstract painter (new to me) who is not only an exciting visual artist but also a writer. His name is Andrew Polk, of Arizona. and on his website is a category called Statements. In this category, he has written several statements each associated with a particular painting. I found his writing both inspirational and instructive. Statements are often difficult to write, especially for us visually oriented people. I do hope you will check his site out although it appears it is only up to 2004. I tried finding more current information on him but was unsuccessful. I do know he is still a practicing artist because he will be teaching a one-day workshop in Oklahoma City in March, 2010.



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