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News Your Can Use about this Historic New Collection The Signs of the Times Collection's presents pieces of our cultural history,American folk art,consumer and corporate culture,advertising and vintage art including historic photo prints. Original fine art prints from the historic Collection are considered very desirable,and highly "collectible" in today's art world. Renowned fine art photographer,Billy Tucker, recently announced that limited edition,original "signed" photo prints are now available from the NEW historic one of a kind photo documentary Collection.The black and white period (1973-1979) are considered the most rare imagery. The entertaining and very "collectible" historic photos from American life & culture are invaluable and sought after by private art collectors,museums and galleries around the world. The Signs of the Times Collection is Now Available to Galleries,Museums,Publishers,Curators and Private Collectors Visit the main Collection website:com SEE the Collection by Category & Subject or at Online Art Gallery, at: Fine Art Photo Documentary Collection 941 357 3954* E: Add Comment



Press Release News You Can Use Date: 1/01/2011

The Signs of the Times Collection Is Now Available to

Galleries,Museums,Publishers,Curators and Private Collectors

An historic fine art,photo realism anthology,the documentary Collection

preserves American life and expressionism "gone forever" from American


The entertaining and extraordinary Collection presents,and preserves a

one-of-a-kind documentation of:

American expressionism

Consumer culture

Commercial folk art

Corporate culture; icons,billboards,advertising

Neon,urban & street art

Route 66


Humor & signspotting

The human condition

ArtSpan was recently selected to introduce The Signs of the Times.

Billy Tucker, the collection chief photographer and curator said:

"We are pleased to present the imagery from this unprecedented documentary

collection from American life,consumer culture,commercial folkart and


Tucker's work may be more expansive than Walker Evans,Diane

Arbus,Bourke-White,Bill Owens,Chuck Close,Bourke-White,Man

Ray,Cartier-Breson,Bernice Abbott and other fine art photographers.

His imagery is unique in that it reflects many forms of art styles and

artistic expression including:



still life


pop art



photo realism

See the entertaining coffee-table book at:


The entire collection may be previewed at:>

OR by Subject Matter and Category atL

Contact Billy Tucker,curator,Sarasota Fla.

telephone:941.357.3954 e:


po box 2665
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