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Ann Marie Longstreet About

The ArtId site appears to offer a multitude of venues to expand the exposure of talented artists. I am very excited to have this opportunity to see the various works of other artists and explore opportunities for my artistic work. Please feel free to provide comments or questions regarding previous comissions. I will be updating available work as soon as they're completed. Add Comment


So much of our lives are spent as a journey and not a destination which should be used to internalize our hardest learned lessons and hone our finest talents. I have made it my life__™s purpose to use these life lessons and I think my life reflects this with the balance and integration of reality.

My life has taken me from New Jersey around the U.S. and to Florida; where I hope to spend the rest of my days. Most of my childhood was spent out west in California, Idaho and Colorado and any spare time I had was spent on some kind of creative project; most involving drawing or sewing mediums. Although my first love has always been the Fine Arts, I received a B.A. in Anthropology with a Minor in Fine Arts, with the hope of working as an Archaeologist and working on my art projects in my spare time. However, my artistic talent and passion for art have revised my life__™s course.

In the spring of 2000, I started my first business following my talent where it would take me and started Wonderfaux. Although this was a starting place for me professionally, most of my work has been for commissioned fine art and murals. Fortunately, I have been blessed in the last five years to have traveled to Europe and absorb the awe-inspiring works of the Old Masters. It is from this experience and my love of fine art that my talents and passions have evolved from faux finishes to painting murals and painting commissions. Murals and painting commissions have provided me with great artistic focus and fascinating inspiration. Although I have worked in numerous mediums including ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, watercolor and illustration, my passion and talents focus on the artistic and technical challenges presented by murals, ceiling murals, portraits and reproductions. It is these very challenges which have allowed me to provide compelling and unique works of art to my patrons over the last 10 years.