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Helen Shideler Art Blog

Peppermint Candy Petunias

by Shideler , June 3, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Canadian artist, Helen Shideler, Petunias, botanical, floral, flower, garden, nature, painting, pink flowers, red flowers

Somehow, the whole time I was working on this painting, I kept thinking about Peppermint Candies. You know, the ones with the swirl of red and swirl of white? It first occured to me as I was sketching them out - and then as I started to apply the watercolor paint I just kept thinking about them.

Awhile back, I checked on my framing inventory and realized I had five really nice frame sets for watercolor paintings and so I set out to complete five in one month. And I did it. This is the last piece that I told myself I had to do in this timeframe.

I love the colors of this flower. The pinks are flaming and yet there are so many subtle shades. The photos that I worked from were actually more on the bluish side - I chose to modify the colors to the impression they had on me.

This painting is 12.5 × 8" wide (unframed size) and is painted on Arches 300lb paper.



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