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Helen Shideler Art Blog

Spring Delight

by Shideler , May 29, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Canadian artist, Helen Shideler, floral, garden, nature, painting, pink flowers

A number of years ago I painted a large watercolor of these delicate blossoms, sold it and received three commissions to do similar ones. And so I thought that I was apple blossomed out. Only we have five mature apple trees and two young pear trees in our yard. And they are truly beautiful. Each year as the blossoms open, I am out in the yard photographing them. Over and over. And.. there are so darn many of them! This angle...that angle... maybe with more sky... maybe with less sky. Obviously I am really attracted to this flower. Maybe just to anything that blooms in the spring. So, once this painting is complete, I hope to paint another on a larger scale with the sky as the focal point - dimentions are represent the unframed size.



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