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Helen Shideler Art Blog

Rosy Red Roses

by Shideler , April 10, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Canadian artist, floral, flower, garden, pink flowers, red flowers

This is a painting of carpet roses that grow beside our pond,. They are very profilic and hardy. Thier colors are so vivid I just had to paint them!

The size is unframed. This painting is beautifully custom framed.

And so, countless hours, untold amounts of staring and figuring and color balancing... I think this painting is finally done!

I knew today that it was in my reach to finish this piece. I hunkered down at 8am and just finished it at 7pm.

I spent a lot of time deleloping the foliage. After I thought I was all done - I looked at it with squinty eyes and realized that I had to deepen the colors of the leaves. I went back in with a wash of terre vert (a blueish green) and intensified the leaves. And then once again thought I was finished.

Then I looked at it again with squinty eyes. Saw a number of the rose petal has to be deepened and some of them needed a boost of personality (more colors).

I looked at it again and thought I was finsihed. Then I realised the tiny fly had no legs or antennae.

I fixed up the bug and hung the painting on my fridge - yes my fridge. And am determined no more squinty eyes.

I am declaring this painting finsihed. At least until tomorrow when I look at it with fresh eyes.

You can see teh work in progress at



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