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by Shideler , March 11, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Helen Shideler, goldfish, koi fish, painting, pond

I started working on a full sheet painting of carpet roses that grow beside our pond. Beautiful pink, reds and wine shades.

Then I had an overwhelming urge just to play. I set aside the painstaking drawing of roses and found a half sheet of Arches 300lb paper just waiting for inspiration.

Hmmm __" whatever can I do? When ever I get in this frame of mind, I generally go directly to all my pet fish photos. I played with the composition, this one here __" that one there and so on. Landed on a composition that I liked and loosely drew it out.

Then I got out my little metal cups for mixing large amounts of color __" masking compound (again __"boy am I a glutton for punishment __" this stuff is challenging at best) and started pouring paint.

This process is quite interesting __" reminds me of batik with out the wax. Pour pale yellow __" let it dry, apply mask. Pour darker yellow, let it dry and apply more mask. Over and over and over.

Now, removing the mask is like a work out. Need to use a gum eraser and rub and rub and hope for the best. Once I had all the mask removed , I went in and painted the detail work.

This is by far the quickest I have ever completed a painting of this size. And you know __" I really like it!



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