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Helen Shideler Art Blog

Trellis Twist

by Shideler , March 5, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Canadian artist, Helen Shideler, botanical, floral, flower, garden, nature, painting, pink flowers, red flowers

Nellie Mosher - Nelly Mosher

The real satisfaction is in the finishing touches. The stage of the painting where it is super close to being completed __" just requires the last details. In this case the centers of the blossoms. I painstakingly painted around these skinny little stamems and as pretty much the last step I got to paint them in.

Then the scrutinizing begins __" I look at the painting more holistically now. Are the colors true to life? Are the shadows painted with enough contrast? Are the lights and darks balanced to a believable state? Are the tones balanced appropriately over the whole piece for the lighting of the day?

The images that I worked from were captured on a hazy day so the shadows are not particularly defined. So no high key contrast here.

You can see this painting as a work in progresss by visiting by blog at

The original is custom framed - making the dimentions quite a bit larger.



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