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Helen Shideler Art Blog

Backyard blooms

by Shideler , January 17, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Ampersand Aquabord, Canadian artist, Helen Shideler, aquaboard, botanical, floral, flower, garden, nature, orange floral, red flowers

Back to our yard in the beautiful Kennebecasis Valley in New Brunswick, where the resident white tail deer population regards planters as their own personal salad bowl! We have a number of wrought iron planter hangers at a variety of heights. Needless to say we have more success with the higher planters.

Red geraniums are a staple in our planters, as are petunias and any daisy like flower I can find. I love the mix of color you can plant together and still have it look good. I dabbled over the years with backyard color, various monochromatic then whites and on to what ever strikes my fancy at the time. It almost always comes back to red. Or Yellow. Pure happy colors. And I cannot wait to paint them.

This piece was a bit tricky __" tricky to draw out and real tricky to attain depth and contrast while painting with reds. I worked on this continuously for two days. When I finally stepped back to scrutinize my work, I was pleased with the effect of painting red on red. It is dimensional and representational of our back yard basket.

Painted on a 12 × 16 sheet of Ampersand Aquabord with transparent watercolor, sealed with Krylon Acrylic Archival Varnish.



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