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Helen Shideler Art Blog

In Full Bloom

by Shideler , January 10, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Ampersand Aquabord, Canadian artist, Helen Shideler, aquaboard, botanical, floral, flower, painting, tulip watercolor

We live in a suburban area. Which in New Brunswick means we share our property and gardens with a population of white tail deer. Although beautiful, they are known in our region as ___garden rats___. Almost nothing is sacred. They eat almost everything! Especially tulips, lilies and hostas. Apparently tulips and lilies are like candy to them. They wait until the bloom is about to burst open with color and munch them while we are sleeping.

Every now and then I am successful in foiling their snack. We apply blood meal regularly, especially after each rain " apparently, the deer do not like the smell (I understand, I don™t like it either).

This grouping of tulips were spared from the ravenous appetites of Bambi and friends. I photographed them each day __" quite a novelty to see open tulips in these parts. I could not wait to start the painting. (Although I had to finish ___Amethyst Lilacs___ and the ___Quince___ paintings first.

So, ___In Full Bloom___ is my first completed painting in 2011. Here is hoping for another colorful tulip display this coming spring.

Painted on a 12 × 16 sheet of Ampersand Aquabord with transparent watercolor, sealed with Krylon Acrylic Archival Varnish.

Size is unframed



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