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Helen Shideler Art Blog

A Few Old Fashioned Ladies....

by Shideler , August 15, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: aquaboard, botanical, floral, flower, nature, painting, pansies

Ah yes, another watercolor on Aquabord. Finally think I am getting the hang of the surface! It is almost impossible to do multiple washes or layring on it - the under colour "lifts" or worse yet - mixes with the top wash. And yet the finished painting is absolutely vibrant.

These pansies remind me of the old fashioned ones in every country garden I saw as a child, or the old china teacup with the delightful pansies on them - hence the paintings title.

So I link it, and once I figure out a framing solution - I will let you know if I intend to purchase more. I still will admit, for any intricate and serious work, I will always use Arched 300lb cold pressed paper.

Oh, by the way - I think they are "bluish" not so purple?



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