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Helen Shideler Art Blog

Scarlet Stunner

by Shideler , January 14, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: botanical, dahlia, floral, flower, painting, pink flowers, red flowers

This acrylic painting of an intensly red dahlia was like therapy to work on. The colours were a nice distraction from the intense snowstorm that raged outside when I was working on it.

It is interesting when painting red - there are so many shades and deep red is tricky to accomplish.

This painting is custom framed in a floating frame.




  John Higgins

08/26/2016 * 10:06:21

Is there a booklet for purchase on how to paint flowers ?


  Roxanne Hat

02/08/2016 * 22:43:19

Absolutely love the composition and the color jumps off the canvas. Just beautiful!

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