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Helen Shideler Art Blog

Feeding Time Yet?

by Shideler , August 19, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: clayboard, goldfish painting, koi, nature, painting, painting a day

This painting was an experiment with some of the new tools available for watercolors. I admit I am a watercolor purist - and so this was also an exercise in bravery. I purchased a number of clayboard panels while visiting my daughter in Vancouver last year.

It has taken me exactly a year to decide to experiment with them.

The texture of the clayboard is quite different from paper - at first I was unsure if I liked it or not. After painting for a few minute - i started to get the feel for the material - bottom line. If you have time to play, this is a fun product. I sealed the finished painting with three coats of Krylon spray varnish. I have not decided yet if I am going to apply Golden Polymer Varnish over top or not. I know it will owrk well as I used it on teh Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in my last blog.

These goldfish and Koi are family pets - they summer in our pond and winter in a large aquarium in our basement.




  Ocie Smith ( homepage )

12/10/2009 * 21:07:46

Yes, very nice work.


  vancouver flowers ( homepage )

12/03/2009 * 23:50:52

Pretty nice..!!



  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/21/2009 * 15:52:29

I enjoy painting on clayboard with watercolor. I find that using scratchboard tools in can easily go back into the clay surface for such things as a few streaks of pale grass within a clump or field of grass. It also lifts with the brush so nicely for things like clouds, fog, or a sheen on water. I think you can get by without the varnish. Of course it is more of a matte finish where varnish would give it a gloss such as you get with watercolor under glass.


  Mary Ann Kitchell

08/20/2009 * 11:37:47

Very nice work! I, too, love traditional watercolors. Am curious to know if you feel your paintings still look "like watercolors" after applying the various coats of varnish?

Mary Ann

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