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Helen Shideler

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This is a painting of our doggie. Sadie is a highly spirited border collie lab cross and is always looking for someone to play with or for someone to pay attention to her. She is very expressive and communicates with us quite clearly - Almost always about attention and/or food or food and/or attention! She is getting on in years now. We think she is about eleven - not sure as she was a rescue dog. Her hair is turning quite white and she has started to slow down some. This is a mixed watermedia painting on Ampersand Aquabord. This surface is wonderful for painting textures such as fur and hair… Continue reading… 0 comments

Stormy Sunday and what shall I do. Sounds like the perfect day to lock myself in my studio and paint away. This is a mixed watermedia piece on Ampersand Aquabord of our dog Sadie. She is so inquisitive. Either looking for trouble or looking for food. I could not resist painting her. This was c ompleted in about five hours - the background gave me trouble. You cannot be in a hurry with this painting surface. Sadie is a mixed breed - cross between a lab and a border collie - the border collie being dominent… Continue reading… 0 comments

This Painting was completed quite quickly by my usual standards. I used a mask to preserve the white areas, then poured pink and pale green. Once dried, I applied more mask and poured more watercolor paint and so on... Overall the painting took two days to complete. I think the hardest part was first applying the mask and them removing it. Still have not decided if I like mask or not. I usually carefully paint around things… Continue reading… 0 comments

Small Works Ah, as Christmas approaches it is often quite prudent for artists to complete a number of small works. These are good as possible donations to requesting charities but also very marketable this time of year __" more so that larger works. I struggle with small paintings. They are almost as much work as larger pieces and they take a disproportionate amount of time to complete. Take this little star fighter lily. Only 5___ x 5___ big, er___ small. The drawing took no time really __" but painting that level of detail that small is icky picky work. I get a great deal of satisfaction with large freer brush work that I apply with larger scale acrylics. Then the fun really begins with I get into the details. Love this stage. It is when a painting comes to life… Continue reading… 1 comment

So this delicious fella was the guest of honor at our Father's Day Dinner earlier this year. We cooked up quite a batch - and I photographed every stage. I see the next series of paintings to follow. I said red - gotta see some other colour than lilac for a few days! Artist's by the Sea have asked us to bring with us a few small pieces to get the auction started while we are all out painting in the community. So, this is one of my small pieces to get the day started… Continue reading… 0 comments

This painting was an experiment with some of the new tools available for watercolors. I admit I am a watercolor purist - and so this was also an exercise in bravery. I purchased a number of clayboard panels while visiting my daughter in Vancouver last year. It has taken me exactly a year to decide to experiment with them. The texture of the clayboard is quite different from paper - at first I was unsure if I liked it or not. After painting for a few minute - i started to get the feel for the material - bottom line. If you have time to play, this is a fun product. I sealed the finished painting with three coats of Krylon spray varnish. I have not decided yet if I am going to apply Golden Polymer Varnish over top or not… Continue reading… 4 comments

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

by Shideler , August 17, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: bugs, butterfly, flower, insects, painting, painting a day

This beauty was a frequent visitor to our Siberian Pea Shrub earlier this summer. I could not resist painting it - after chasing it around with my long lens to "capture" an image. I completed this work to experiment with sealing and varnighing a watercolor in order to frame without using glass. I have to admit, I purchased the recommended products and am nervous to use them… Continue reading… 1 comment

Painting a day

by Shideler , August 2, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: botanical, floral, flower, painting, painting a day, plein air

This painting was the second one completed in Hampton, NB during "Bloomin'Artists" on July 25th. At firest I was tentative about the subject, painting in watercolour outside and all and on a drizzly day. Once I committed to it - it was really quite a fun piece. I drew each leaf as I went and continued on until it was completed… Continue reading… 1 comment

Second fish

by Shideler , June 12, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: goldfish painting, painting, painting a day

This is the second fish in my attempt to complete a small painting a day - sort of. This endeavour allows me to pay more with the subject matter and materials. Originally I thought I would loosen up my work a bit through this process. Not really sure this is going to happen or not - it is not really a goal of this process. I know I am feeling really productive - especially on those days when time is at a premium. This is one of my favourite fish from my aquarium. I love the golds and the purply blues in it's scales. I added a touch of acrylic Hologram Pearl adn three large Golden Gold Mica Flakes to the scales. Fun… Continue reading… 0 comments

And so it begins....

by Shideler , June 8, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: goldfish painting, painting a day

I was looking for a new challange to get the cob webs out. I paint regularly and in a very specific style that has developed over the years. I was looking for an opportunity to experiment a bit more without taking too much time away from my more detailed work. I stumbled upon a web site of artists who commit to completing a painting a day (give or take a day or two a week) and thought I would give this a whirl. This is fun, pushing the boundaries a bit (I normally am a transparent watercolor purist)and I get to try various products that I have purchased and never really knew what to do with them. Hope you enjoy… Continue reading… 0 comments