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Sherry Weisel Art Blog


by SherryW , July 16, 2008—11:48 AM

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Just moved from Florida to Massachusetts! we packed up some of our stuff ... rented a U-haul and drove, it took us 3 days of heavy driving! OMG coming over the George Washington Bridge in New York was and experience in a 17 foot truck and car carrier. It was an experience that I will never experience again!

My paintings and painting supplies all seemed to have arrived in tact. Now to sell the house in Florida to get everything else we own here :)




  Annie Steiner ( homepage )

07/18/2008 * 11:39:40

We did the same thing about 12 years ago, and I remember the feeling of relief to find myself in a place where I am not sweating 99% of the time. We moved from the Orlando area (Winter Park) to South Hadley. It was wonderful to find old houses and old, venerable buildings again. You will enjoy our beautiful Fall, and even the snow! Let me know if you need any moral support getting acclimated... But I think the transition will be easy!

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