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Sherrie Allyn About

My favorite subjects to paint are people, pets, and people & pets together. I work mostly from photographs. I've been encouraged to work more from life but, with pets, photographs are a necessity! I also do decorative painting, such as on wooden plates, wooden boxes, and glass. My media of choice are acrylic, charcoal, oil, pastel, and watercolor. I also enjoy photography with my Kodak EasyShare C813. 5 comments


I have been sketching and painting since childhood. My mother was an amateur painter and stained-glass artist and always encouraged me. My parents provided me with many after-school art classes and workshops for many years.

I continue to look for and participate in all the art instruction I can afford.

I've been lucky enough to meet local artists who have taught and inspired me so much: Lillie Appelt, Susan Carlin, Lesta Frank, Linda Calvert Jacobson, and Libby Peters. Look for them online; they are all there except for Mrs. Appelt who is not on internet.

My goal is to receive more commissions, to continue to improve the quality of likeness, and to make my portraits more "painterly," and less "photographic."


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