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Michelle Gould About

Fine Art Paintings specializing in human issues;such as, the environment and political/social structures Add Comment


California native artist born in Santa Cruz and raised in Los Angeles, Echo Park area. The small neighborhoods of disenfranchised citizens were active in the community. Growing up in a climate that constantly battled racial and socio-economic issues influenced the person and the passion the artist would later know to be her own. Current issues such as nuclear power vs. safety and health, corporate monopoly of our food system, the abuse of the constitution, the demise of "democracy", i.e., are the topics/concerns of the artist's paintings. At the beginning of her professional career, portraiture was the emphasis as the artist used the subject to look deeper into the human and it's complexities. Her portraits are reflective and deep. The artists current works are "portraits" of people both collectively and individually and their human challenges. The artist uses symbolism and heartfelt responses to the subjects at hand to convey her passion for the human spirit and it's many predicaments. Her works strive to be a voice to speak the screams that society only half hears as a faint whisper.


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