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Kerri Pestana About

I am an amateur photographer and artist living in windy Wyoming. For me, art is something that comes from the subconscious and I liken it to the unplanned journey that I just HAVE to take whenever the desire strikes me. 4 comments


I carry my camera everywhere I go and try to capture as much of life as possible. I always find subject matter and inspiration.

To say that I have an addiction to creating digital works would be an understatement. With my camera and computer I have discovered a whole new studio to work in and I spend a great deal of time there. Rarely, however, do I sit down to create a specific piece. I dabble and play until something begins to emerge that speaks to me. From there, the piece tells me what it wants to be and say.

With each technique I learn or new tool I stumble upon, I add to my artistic voice. While I am quite sure I have not found that one, unique voice just yet, I am having the time of my life trying to discover it. I hope you have a good time sharing my journey with me.


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