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Shannon Bokman Art Blog


by ShannonBokman , December 14, 2007—12:29 AM

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This is the inaugrual entry to ArtID for the Bokman Books. Thanks to all who have wandered in to see the books and art!

I am Shannon Bokman, and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I started making books about seven years ago, after a reading a magazine article. I bought an instructional book by Keith A. Smith, on bookbinding and bookmaking, and things took off from there!

I'd like the blogs to keep everyone up to date on new books I come out with, exciting techniques I may learn, and pictures of decorative and intricate new stitches. The stitches and binds are really the fun part - they are complicated, but so gorgeous when complete.

The first big thing to report is a class with (in my opinion) a genius of a bookmaker, Daniel Essig, at the end of January. More updates as the day comes closer!

Check back regularly for new books for sale and show, and thanks for stopping by!




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

12/17/2007 * 10:43:21

Hi Shannon,
I am so glad to see your work up. I LOVE that caterpillar stitch! Maybe you will show me sometime. I've done a little bookbinding, studied with Suzanne Moore, Don Glaister, Dan Kelm and Peter Garrity but the book world is huge and there are so many talented people.
I have a Keith Smith edition myself and it is my resource for everything book.
So welcome to artid and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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