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Selene Nunez-Cruz About

Selene Nunez-Cruz, scientific and artist, is a full time researcher at the Univ. of Penn and consider herself as self-taught artist. Her explorations in art consist mostly of portraits in oil & contemporary landscape paintings in oil and watercolors. Add Comment


Early on my childhood I become captivated by the energy emanated by people. I was born in Mexico city then, very young I moved to Veracruz, where I was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and warm people. At the age of 12, I started to develop my passion for nature and for human expressions. During my adolescence, I moved out from home for college to the charming Xalapa and then to Cuernavaca city. My interest in science and my natural curiosity for life brought me to France for my postgraduate studies, were my spirit was enriched by the new language and the new people at the cote d'azur. I have lived in Philadelphia since 2005 were I started to take seriously my passion for art, besides my professional career as Cancer researcher at UPenn. I use my mind for my job and my heart for my art. People inspire me to paint their expressions and emotions on Canvas as a tribute of life.


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