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Sandi Smith About

I am a self taught British American artist. I am a sculptor, painter and photographer. Life has so much to offer, so many opportunities, so much character, I love to capture, even a small piece of that in a wink of an eye, or perhaps a dusty sunset, wind blown tree; with the light passing through just at the perfect spot. Or maybe it will come through in the deep, wise wrinkles of a character made of clay. No matter, you see my is everywhere, in many shapes, hues and textures. It means something different to everyone. I try to create something for everyone, sometimes it's to make you laugh, to remember a special moment, or a very special friend and the days you shared together. I hope that I am successful in creating something that reaches or touches you in the deepest way. ALL SCULPTURES ARE HANDMADE; NO MOLD, NO WHEEL! SD Smith 'Do What You Love To Do.' Add Comment



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