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"The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.___'___'____________'__________________'______________ Alberto Giacometti The quote introduced represents me as an artist and my work completely. I like to consider myself as a superficial artist. A artist who envisions what we could become and not who or where we are in our current states. My paintings are made to lift and encourage the soul. Add Comment


I studied Graphic Design at Hofstra University, Long Island, New York where I fell in love with the visual arts and computers art. Nevertheless the brushes and canvas where always reminding me of how much passion I had for them. It was there I did a lot of self-inspired oils and acrylic paintings. I try to maneuver through portraits, landscapes and still-life but with the embellishments of my own attributes or creativity. I remember I had my first show at the Hofstra Art Museum with the theme being "Beyond What the Eye Can See" and it was a success. I currently have work in the Housatonic Art Museum and soon to be in the City Hall located Downtown Bridgeport in Connecticut!

I am spiritual and I find great comfort and support from this source for its my faith that takes me away from reality, when all chaos and pandemonium is going on in my life, I can just get away to a place of peaceful bliss and tranquility. Its then, in that moment I see what I could be or where I could go

and how God loves us enough to design a map to get there. Our destiny should not be defined by our reality, but it should associate itself with our ability to create reality. And when you see my work, I hope it stimulates creativity for your reality.


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