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Suzanne Buckland About

Suzanne Buckland is a visual artist currently living in Houston, Texas. She specializes in painting oil on canvas, and drawing charcoal, pastel and oil pastel on paper. She have been drawing and painting most of her life and studied art in The Netherlands over 30 years ago. She is a full-time professional artist. Her goal is to the best visual artist she can be, to perfect her painting and drawing techniques, to put a smile on the face of humanity, to preserve nature, the natural world, our environment, and create a greater appreciation for art, nature, freedom and artistic expression among the masses. Suzanne is also a writer for covering the Houston Art Scene. She has had several shows at galleries in the Houston area and is always planning future projects. Add Comment


Suzanne Buckland has displayed a talent for, and been involved with art since a very early age. This is due to the nurturing and support of other family members who were themselves, creatively talented.

At the tender age of ten years old she secured her first oil painting supplies and from then on her thirst to create visually the things her mind could imagine and the beauty her eyes could see became an overwhelming obsession.

In high school she took every creative class she could squeeze in including classes in photography, drafting, as well as every art related class available. Thinking back to those years in high school, Suzanne feels that the creative ___freedom to create___ method her art teacher preferred to teach, rather than the ridged ___paint this way___ approach to teaching allowed her to better develop her talents. During this time she also belonged to the art club, where between the ages of fourteen and sixteen years old she helped create and paint a dozen different wall sized murals for several businesses in her area. It was also around this time she was learning how to do Faux finishes and antique furniture finishes from a very talented family member.

Just months before her seventeenth birthday she traveled to the Netherlands as an exchange student, and for a little over a year she studied art in Zwolle, and the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, where she received an honorary certificate of graduation before returning home to the United states.

Upon returning from the Netherlands she enrolled in Bowling Green State University where she majored in linguistics and minored in art. Soon after college she married and continued to paint up until the birth of her second child, taking time off to be a full time wife and mother. During her maternal years she maintained her skills and abilities by taking on creative projects for her church and other organized family activities such as scouts and youth groups.

As the time past and her children grew she began to feel an unrelenting desire to re-enter the world of art full time and pursue a full time career as an artist. So after her children were grown she moved to Miami__™s South Beach to soak up the artistically diverse atmosphere, which is unique only to the area. While on South Beach she mingled with a good number of artists studying their individual styles and techniques as well as becoming a connoisseur of art deco architecture.

After leaving South Beach she spend some time traveling extensively throughout the United States, taking in all the scenic sites and cultural flavors the vast continent has to offer, eventually making her home in Houston TX

Suzanne currently resides in Houston working as a professional artist Although her passion is painting and art, she still finds time to enjoy some of her other creative talents. Some of her other studies and interests include cooking, as she has become quite an accomplished vegetarian chef., The study of the esoteric sciences and ancient literature, philosophy, and gardening.

She is mostly self-studied, since showing a natural talent very early in life, although she has attended various classes throughout her lifetime in both The Netherlands and The United States.

Suzanne specializes in oil on canvas, charcoal and oil pastel drawings. She has completed her first major series, since the mid-eighties, called ___Fleural___, in which she explores the art and beauty of nature__™s paintbrush many selections from this 60 piece series are still available for sale. Her second major series ___Iris___ focuses on the beauty and variety of this species and is currently available for sale.

Residing in Houston, she travels across The United States on a regular basis, enjoying all the country offers in natural splendor. You can purchase Suzanne__™s work, featured on this website by emailing her at

Suzanne__™s inspiration comes from her love of nature and interest in esoteric study. She has also been greatly inspired by Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Her favorite painter of all time is Vincent Van Gogh.


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