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Savago Lome Art Blog

There is "Ghost" on the stage...

by Savago_Lome , July 3, 2009—11:05 AM

Topics: ghost painting mixed…

A year ago, I had the idea to paint this picture. I wanted to express the feeling of the singer's presence on the stage itself, without the singer. I do not know why, becouse ideas always suddenly invade my subconscious. It is likely to come when I least expect it. But every idea takes its time to be understood how to serve it on a dish to spectator. And what cover to choose to this dish. But in this case, the idea has already had its cover.

In may 2009 I finished this painting and set it aside. But news of Michael Jackson's death prompted me to come back to this picture and revise its meaning. Which is Great people pass away leaving their shadows on Earth There is nobody but shadow on stage, he remained only his jacket, guitar and his shadow... but it seems that singer is still there.



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