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Savago Lome Art Blog

Horn of Plenty

by Savago_Lome , March 10, 2009—01:56 PM

Topics: Horn of plenty, lome, savago, thoughts about painting

"The horn is a tree trunk growing from a cow".

Similarly to the baby that grow in a womb during 9 months, the idea in my imagination has been bore for more than 15 months. As well as the baby is born on light (head appears first, then body, hands and legs), the picture is drawn by the parts, and only when all of the parts appear together then picture starts to "breathe".

Finally I've finished the painting above which all my essence in appearance of Savago Lome has been working for more than 15 months. Ideas always suddenly invade my subconscious. It is likely to come when I least expect it. But every idea takes its time to be understood how to serve it on a dish to spectator. And what cover to choose to this dish.

I noticed I've had sympathy to cows since my very childhood. It's not just love to animals. Like Indian people idolize this animal I extol a cow as an animal full of harmony, love and patience. There is some a secret in the cow. But it is so natural and simple, that the secret disappears and blurs around of it like thin smoke. Why I have such a feeling to this animal? In order to find the answer I should address to my childhood.

I grew in my nice Siberian city with the senior sister. She was my best friend and my best enemy at the same time. I don't see anything strange because only the most dear people, and first of all it is family, allow us to test both feelings: a rage and a happiness. In our childhood we (me and my sister) very often fought and quarreled. I stuck to her like bees on honey. We were opposite to each other like plus and minus. Her calmness and patience only warmed up my super energy. And I did everything to win her attention. Her constant calmness, the cold and indifferent obstinacy, patience also irritated me and admired. As well as all children we teased each other. Sometimes I called her cow, because her zodiac was Taurus. But I said this word with sincere love to her. Just like in the eastern countries it's considered a compliment to compare a woman with a snake ("You're wise like a snake").

The name of the painting is"Horn of Plenty".

What is horn of plenty? a)A goat's horn overflowing with fruit, flowers, and grain, signifying prosperity.

b)Greek Mythology The horn of the goat that suckled Zeus, which broke off and became filled with fruit. In folklore, it became full of whatever its owner desired.

I should notice that my horn of plenty is totally different from all above. It is possible even to lower that fact that my horn belongs to the cow. My horn is alive. It grows and bears apples.

I have very interesting sensation around the top of my head when I'm falling asleep at night. I can feel a breeze like there is invisible gate at the top which is open. Could it be the channel of filling by ideas and energy? In the other words I can feel like a tree's growing from my head.

So I've got one more name related to my artwork, the idea's name. It goes just like this "The horn is a tree trunk growing from a cow".



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