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Savago Lome Art Blog

About Savago Lome

by Savago_Lome , March 10, 2009—12:00 AM

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If you're reading this you are interested in my art. So let me introduce it for you!

Who is Savago Lome? Savago Lome it is a part of me which gives rise to these pictures! The name was born together with my first work. Savago Lome is the name of that my side which gives rise to ideas, and then embodies them on a canvas.

About the process... Each picture starts with an idea, an image, sometimes even with feeling. It is a chain - feeling - image - idea where all of the parts can vary their places. Often the images come in a dream, they wake feelings. Sometimes I like to draw on a paper a shape and to play with it while this form will turn to something interesting. I used to draw this way in my childhood. I allow the form to live its own life without imposing facts of common knowledge. Let a head becomes a ladder and lips become the beginning of a women and a man.

Use your imagination... Taking the name I give a painting just as a suggestion. I leave it up to the viewer to give his or her own interpretation with the symbolism and magical reality I depict. Thus leaving the possibility open to use your own imagination and maybe even enjoy a moment of recognition.

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