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Savago Lome About

"...I have no real style, I just go on trying other things..." Add Comment


"...I loved to draw and paint since I remmember myself. Once when I was a kid in the kindergarden, I painted a still life picture with fruits, after I showed it to all other kids, they asked me to make a copy for each one of them..."

Savago (Savajo) Lome was born in 1989 in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Russia. She is artist and model. She took pseudonym Savago Lome after she finished art school in 2004.

She participated in numerous international exhibitions while studing in art shcool. In 2005 Savago Lome won award on All-Russia art competition (watercolors and drawings). After finishing high school she enrolled to Siberian Federal University with major in innovation technology. During next two years she had local exhibitions and kept painting, singing as Lome (Savago wasn't born then yet as an artist's saying)

She moved to the US in 2007 where she bacame a model.

She had her first solo exhibition in Aventura, Florida in 2007 where she was introdused as Savago Lome.

"...I painted my first artwork in oils and needed a name to sign it, my real second name is very long, it doesn't mean I don't like it, but I wanted to have a name to represent my artistic personality. So I randomly picked a book, it was an Atlas, I opened it and first word my eyes cought was Lome. Savago was born here in Florida two years later..."

She has several exhibitions in South Florida since then

In 2009 she made a series of tutorial videos for web site ehow.


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