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Sandy DeCristofaro Art Blog

Artwork in an internet world

by sandradee , July 22, 2008—12:59 PM

Topics: art marketing, art sales

Never underestimate the power of "word of mouth." I've been the happy recipient of this phenomenon recently, with sales of prints and original work from my Artid account. Friends of friends of friends (you get the picture) learned of Artid and through natural curiosity began cruising the site. When one person decided to purchase a piece (a giclee print of "Memories of Havana"), a relative of hers became intrigued with the idea of this clearinghouse, so to speak. She viewed a lot of art work (not just mine) and ended up purchasing one of my original paper quilts. In the past, other acquaintances and some people unknown to me have bought pieces that they learned of through my online studio.

I'm sure there is some normal skepticism about actual opportunities to sell artwork when viewed online. I make no mistake in attributing my recent sales to this Artid site. You always hear people say "I'll look you up", but in my case, they really did. We all reap the benefits of increased visibility.

So I encourage everyone to keep their studios updated, refresh any images that seem tired, review prices to make sure you're comfortable with what's listed, and don't hesitate for a minute to hand out those handy business cards that the staff of Artid so generously provided.




  Gary Peterson ( homepage )

07/23/2008 * 07:42:26

Sandy - When it comes to word of mouth and sales success, it also doesn't hurt to have unique and beautifully crafted artworks like yours to offer. Good work, and good advise!

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