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samantha soltis About

I am Samantha Soltis, and I am a new student photographer and I interested in improving with digital photography. I have a very creative mind that will help me come up with beautiful works of art. I have a talent for capturing nature photos and metaphorical photos. I am professional when it comes to presenting my work and can communicate well with my audience. From communicating with my audience, i picked up quite a lot of communication skills that makes me a people person. Add Comment


Miss Soltis is a young photography who focuses more on the beauty of the world and the beauty of human figures. Miss Soltis also has a side of darker photos that is the opposite of the nature and human photos. She puts a twist with all of her photos and makes them her own. The pictures she takes are originals and create a different view of the world and the people in it. She is also known for her metaphorical photos because she interprets things in a different light. She sees the world in a different way because she saw many places in the world and saw beautiful landscapes which influenced her and challenged her to make them even more astonishing. Her photos are influenced by her emotions, so when there is a photo that is bright then she reflected a good memory or her life. Then when there are more dark photos, they were influenced by a bad memory, a haunting dream, or a fear that she has. She is her work and her work is her. The beauty of her work is the beauty she sees.


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