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Salty Stewart The Shaman

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The Shaman
14" x 11"
American Indian
Painting / Oil
$225.00 Purchase

The Shaman

This is a one-of a kind oil painting on a flat canvas 11 x 14 in which I painted three different groups of cave paintings. The In-Ko-Pah cave drawings located on the US/Mexico border are very stylized and simplistic (bottom right corner), the Shaman of Coso Range located on the edge of the Mojave Desert have been a place of rain rituals. The rain Shamans traveled great distances to go to the Coso Range which was considered a powerful place for acquiring control over the weather. The spirit helpers were contacted (Big Horn Sheep) to help with the rain. The last are are the cave paintings in the Anza-Borrego State Park (bottom left) which are thought to be possible initiation rites with the possibility of ingesting the hallucinogenic desert plant "Jimsonweed". It would not be unusual for the use of the hallucinogenic drugs as this has been part of rituals in most of the former civilizations and groups of Shamans to receive their "visions". I painted this in oil and it was done in two stages with the palette knife use in the background and allowed to partly dry and then the cave drawings were rendered with a fine brush. I am very inspired by these Paleolithic and earlier primitive artists and there tends to be a mystery in some of the drawings leading to all sorts of interpretation. Mine is an impressionistic view from inside the cave facing out in the company of three groups on early Native Americans drawings.