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Salty Stewart Chumash Sunrise

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Chumash Sunrise
8" x 10" x 1"
American Indian
Painting / Acrylic
$125.00 Purchase

Chumash Sunrise

This 8" x 10" wrap around canvas, one-of-a-kind acrylic painting with the background painted with a palette knife and the Chumash cave paintings rendered with a brush in vibrant colors. The Chumash painted these apparently depicting the Chumash cosmology and other subjects created in mineral pigments and other media over a long period ranging from about 200 up to possibly 1000 years or more found near Santa Barbara, CA. The walls of this small cave carved from towering sandstone boulders contain some of the finest remaining rock art created by Chumash Native Americans. Anthropologists estimate that the paintings date to the 1600's and earlier. The meaning of these enigmatic images has been lost. The paintings depict the Chumash cosmology (study of the origin, evolution and the fate of the universe). It is based on a body of beliefs on their history, mythology and religious rites. The cave is one of the few open to the public. I have depicted the opening of the cave bright, vibrant with the mystery symbols of the Chumash awaiting the adventurer in impressionistic style.