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Mario Peralta About

I am a fine art and fashion photographer with my BFA in Photography from the University of North Florida. As an artist I am interesting in exploiting ways of illustrating the world that are unique to the photographic process but are atypical to common photography. Generally my work is less about critiquing the world around us and more about the ways that we experience the world around us, and the ways that we don't. Add Comment


It may be surprising that someone with 13 years of experience in electrical engineering and atomic energy would have aspirations as an artist. It is this very quality that makes me the artist that I am. My 16 years of photography experience greatly overlaps my engineering background both in time concurrence and in my mind. This overlap ultimately led to a merger of the right and left halves of my brain and it is evident in my work. I believe these combined attributes help distinguish me and my work from other artists working in the the genre. No creative idea escapes my head without running the gauntlet of reason and the resulting works are conceptual cyborgs; organic mechanisms, or mechanized organisms. Call it the science of art, or the art of science, or whatever you want. For me it is a passion that was born one weekend in Yellowstone National Park, grew as I traveled the world, and matured in my recent fine art studies at the University of North Florida.


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