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Rain-soaked Peonies

by RonaBlack , July 14, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Middle Temple Garden, Inns of Court, London, Rain-soaked Peonies, Rona Black Photography, RonaBlack, UK, art print, color, colors, floral, flower, flowers, framed print, garden, greeting cards, peonies, peony, photograph, photography, pink, raindrops, spring, stretched canvas

Rain-soaked Peonies has become my best-selling image. It is the first of my photographs to have been purchased in every format offered: framed prints, stretched canvas prints and greeting cards.

I found these beautiful flowers in London at the Middle Temple Garden of the Inns of Court in the spring of 2009. I've never seen any other like them. They were unusual both for their size and color; they were quite large and the color gradation included pink and yellow in the same bloom. Raindrops added to the unique presentation.



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