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flowers in London

by RonaBlack , September 8, 2000—12:00 AM

Topics: Middle Temple Garden, England, Inns of Court, London, Queen Mary's Gardens, Rain-soaked Peonies, Regent's Park, Rona Black, RonaBlack, color, colors, flowers, giclee, peonies, peony, pink, roses, yellow

rain soaked peonies, 2009 11" × 15"

Roses weren't the only flowers I spent time photographing in London. I found these peonies in the Middle Temple Garden at the Inns of Court. As in every garden in London in May and June, there were also roses in abundance, but I usually went to Queen Mary's Gardens in Regent's Park for those.

These were unusual both for their size and color; they were quite large and the color gradation included pink and yellow in the same bloom.




  Rebecca Wise Girson ( homepage )

09/09/2009 * 17:53:55

Absolutely beautiful! I agree with Lisa regarding the "fee" of the photo. Makes me feel a bit nostalgic..


  Lisa ( homepage )

09/08/2009 * 14:27:05

I love the sentimental feel of this photo. The abundant water droplets are wonderful.

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