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Rona Black Art Blog


by RonaBlack , August 26, 2000—12:00 AM

Topics: England, London, Queen Mary's Gardens, Regent's Park, Rona Black, RonaBlack, Roses after the Rain, UK, color, colors, conditions, daylight, flowers, light, macro, refraction, roses, sky, sun

roses after the rain, 2009 13.2" × 11"

Flowers with water drops are often very appealing and fun to photograph. In the right light, water can add sparkle or a glint that brightens an otherwise dull bloom. Occasionally you can catch more than light in a raindrop; the many colors of a bed of roses and its surroundings, including the blue of the sky, show up in this refraction.




  Lisa Phillips ( homepage )

08/27/2009 * 11:57:20

Wonderful abstract image! This photo, without your great explanation, gives the viewer the opportunity to think and question.

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