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Rona Black

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A close-up photograph of an unusually beautiful variegated tulip blooming in a Salt Lake City garden. Fine art prints of Purple and White Marbled Tulip are available here:

A macro photograph of glowing yellow tulips in Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

A closeup photograph of a colorful young tulip in Temple Square, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

An abstract macro photograph of a pink and white variegated tulip. 2 comments

Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. This pretty close-up has quickly become one of my most popular tulip photos. It is now available as an acrylic print with a choice of mounting options. The high-gloss acrylic adds depth and an almost three-dimensional effect. 0 comments

A natural spotlight on the inner workings of a tulip. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Inner Workings by Rona Black. 0 comments

I came upon this swallowtail butterfly as it was making its way through Salt Lake Temple garden at the end of tulip season. 0 comments

Variegated tulips fascinate me. They appear in many color combinations here in Salt Lake City. To see more of my collection of tulip photographs, visit 0 comments

Giclee print on paper or canvas. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. http://www.activesearchresults 0 comments

A Peek Inside, 8" _ 8" Much of the photography I do is extremely close up or macro. While shooting, some details are visible, but quite often the intricacies of line and color are not apparent. In this macro photograph of the interior of a red tulip, I was unable to see the purple tones or the dew on the yellow flower bud until the image was developed. As happens quite often with macro photography, the final result was a bit of a surprise. http://www.activesearchresults 0 comments

This tulip was photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Giclee print available on paper and stretched canvas, in a variety of sizes. 0 comments