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Rona Black

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Here is a colorful square-format photograph of an unusual lilac pink Allium flower. Photographed in Queen Mary's Garden, Regent's Park, London, UK, the background of this image is a beautiful blurred mixture of the garden's green and purple flora. Hang multiple square works together or in combination with rectangular pieces to create an eye-catching art arrangement.

This photograph of a large white/pink peony with a red and white bud nestled next to it was taken in 2009, in Middle Temple Gardens, Inns of Court, London, UK. When I went back to visit in 2014, I was sad to see that all the beautiful flowers had been removed from this section of the Middle Temple Great Garden. I have not seen another peony like this one since.

A macro photograph of vivid bougainvillea outside of The Getty Center Restaurant/Cafe building in Los Angeles, California. The bracts on this beautiful cultivar vary in color from shades of bright pink to bright orange. www.ronablack

An abstract photograph of a neon-pink square grid beneath the escalator in the Centre Square building at 1500 Market Street in Center City, Philadelphia, PA. The Centre Square building has a pink light display during October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A close-up photograph of vivid orange and pink-purple tulips blooming in a Salt Lake City garden. Prints of Spring Colors are available on a variety of gallery-quality fine art substrates including paper, canvas, aluminum and acrylic. For details, click: 0 comments

Blush Pink Roses

by RonaBlack , November 18, 2014—02:41 PM

Topics: Queen Mary's Garden, floral, photography, pink, rosaceae, roses, stunning

A fine art photograph of stunning pale pink roses blooming in Queen Mary's Garden, Regent's Park, London, UK. May 2014. 0 comments

A close-up photograph of beautiful white and pink peonies in Middle Temple Garden, Inns of Court, London. 0 comments

It's finally spring! Close-up photograph of a sunlit pink tulip taken in Salt Lake Temple Gardens, Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

Lamprocapnos spectabilis (formerly Dicentra spectabilis), this plant is also known as: old-fashioned bleeding-heart, Venus's car, Lady in a bath, Dutchman's trousers, or Lyre-flower. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

Macro photograph of a variegated pink and white tulip, photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

A blossoming magenta rose framed by the mature pink and white bloom behind it. 0 comments

Rain-soaked Peonies has become my best-selling image. It is the first of my photographs to have been purchased in every format offered: framed prints, stretched canvas prints and greeting cards. I found these beautiful flowers in London at the Middle Temple Garden of the Inns of Court in the spring of 2009. I've never seen any other like them. They were unusual both for their size and color; they were quite large and the color gradation included pink and yellow in the same bloom. Raindrops added to the unique presentation. 0 comments

During a visit to Philadelphia last week I came across these beautiful pink hydrangea blooms at the entrance to Salon Royale Court on Spruce Street. By the following day they had faded and the petal edges were beginning to dry up and turn brown; the extreme heat had taken its toll. 0 comments

rain soaked peonies, 2009 11" _ 15" Roses weren't the only flowers I spent time photographing in London. I found these peonies in the Middle Temple Garden at the Inns of Court. As in every garden in London in May and June, there were also roses in abundance, but I usually went to Queen Mary's Gardens in Regent's Park for those. These were unusual both for their size and color; they were quite large and the color gradation included pink and yellow in the same bloom. http://www.activesearchresults 2 comments

Prize-winning pink-yellow Phalaenopsis orchids at the Spring Orchid Show, held at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. Available as a Giclee fine art print, on paper or canvas.