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Rona Black

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One of my photos is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Cell Chemical Biology. The article describes research into metformin, a drug derived from the French lilac (Galega officinalis), for the treatment of breast cancer. The research was done at the University of Minnesota, and was sponsored in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This is especially meaningful to me because my grandmother was a cancer research scientist. 0 comments

Another Sky - Salt Lake City

by RonaBlack , November 14, 2017—12:00 AM

Topics: Reflections, abstract, art, bright, photograph, urban

An urban abstract photograph of bright reflections of the sun and sky in puddles on concrete, left after an afternoon rainstorm.

This abstract photograph was taken at the top level of the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. It's a view between two glass walls that make up the top part of the facade of the building. The left wall reflects lights of the traffic on Broad Street below. At the top left is a bit of fuchsia roof lighting in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness; this photograph was taken in October. In the center of the image, the Atlantic Building can be seen outside a portion of the vaulted steel and glass roof. 0 comments

The Salt Lake City Sports Complex served as the official training venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics. It's open year-round and I am lucky to be able to skate there almost every day. Last week I took a few photos while my teacher and I were fooling around. Processed in black and white to accentuate the sense of motion and the resulting ice spray.

A close-up photograph of an alstroemeria blossom in shades of pink. The morning sun at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California, highlights the beauty of this flower, also known as Peruvian lily. 0 comments

This photograph presents a view of a verdant landscape traversed by horses on a June evening after a very rainy day in De Bilt, Utrecht Province, The Netherlands.

Deco Shadow

by RonaBlack , February 29, 2016—12:00 AM

Topics: abstract, art deco, concrete, iron railing, monochrome, photograph, shadow, stairway

Deco Shadow is a monochrome abstract photograph of an iron railing and its shadow on the concrete stairway leading to the courtyard of Regent's University in London, UK. Art prints are available on paper, canvas, aluminum and acrylic here: www.ronablack

A macro photograph of vivid bougainvillea outside of The Getty Center Restaurant/Cafe building in Los Angeles, California. The bracts on this beautiful cultivar vary in color from shades of bright pink to bright orange. www.ronablack

This is a close-up photograph of an exquisite Calla lily surrounded by lush green foliage. Art prints of this image on paper, canvas, aluminum and acrylic are available here:

First Snowflake is a close-up monochrome photograph of a beautiful snowflake standing in freshly fallen snow. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Have someone on your list who has everything? Gift-giving is made easy by giving a gift of art. In addition to fine art prints, you can choose to have First Snowflake printed on a variety of accessories: decorative throw pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, shower curtains and smartphones cases -- iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

A geyser at The Waterfront at South Mountain Recreation Complex in Essex County, New Jersey. This photograph was taken through the orange-red leaves of the trees on the walking path at the Orange Reservoir.

Red Deer Stag

by RonaBlack , July 13, 2015—02:18 PM

Topics: London, Richmond Park, UK, Wildlife, animal, nature, photograph, red deer, stag

A color photograph of an alert red deer stag centered between two sleeping stags in Richmond Park, London, UK. Art prints are available on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. 0 comments

Pernetiana Rose Autumn hybridized by L. B. Coddington, 1928. Photographed at The Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. 0 comments

The Edge of Night is an abstract photograph of Salt Lake City light at sunset. 2 comments

A natural array of color produced by light refraction in the wing of a dragonfly. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

Rain-soaked Peonies has become my best-selling image. It is the first of my photographs to have been purchased in every format offered: framed prints, stretched canvas prints and greeting cards. I found these beautiful flowers in London at the Middle Temple Garden of the Inns of Court in the spring of 2009. I've never seen any other like them. They were unusual both for their size and color; they were quite large and the color gradation included pink and yellow in the same bloom. Raindrops added to the unique presentation. 0 comments

First Prize by Rona Black. This Masdevallia Machu Micchu orchid took first prize in its category at the Utah Orchid Society's spring show held last week at Red Butte Garden. Though it was snowing outside, the flower-filled Orangerie gave off a whiff of spring. 0 comments

During a snow shower in Salt Lake City on Monday, I used a Leica Macro 45mm f/2.8 lens to shoot this macro. 0 comments

I took this photograph outside of the main branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library. Architect: Moshe Safdie and Associates. Giclee prints on paper or stretched canvas available in a variety of sizes: 1 comment

One of my favorite places in Salt Lake City is Red Butte Garden. I took this shot of globe thistle in the morning when the light was breathtaking. 0 comments

Giclee print on paper or canvas. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. http://www.activesearchresults 0 comments

Reflection, 2009 This represents somewhat of a departure from my typical abstract photography. Until now I've most often kept with a nature theme, sticking to macro abstracts of flowers and plants. This is a cropped photo of one of the reflecting pools at the Salt Lake City Library. http://www.activesearchresults

Rainy Day Leaves It just so happens that this year's Fall season in Salt Lake is turning out to be one of the most colorful in recent memory. The other day, a woman who has lived here for many decades told me she'd never seen so much orange in the changing leaves. I took this macro photograph while it was raining and the color is probably more vivid that it would have been had the sun been shining. http://www.activesearchresults 1 comment

Prize-winning pink-yellow Phalaenopsis orchids at the Spring Orchid Show, held at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. Available as a Giclee fine art print, on paper or canvas.

This tulip was photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Giclee print available on paper and stretched canvas, in a variety of sizes. 0 comments