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Rona Black

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A close-up photograph of beautiful burgundy red bearded irises (Iris germanica) blooming in my friend Tasha's garden.

A close-up photograph of rain-soaked "Loop the Loop" iris flowers blooming in a colorful garden. This beautiful cultivar has large white petals edged with purple. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fine art prints are available on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. 0 comments

A close-up photograph of vivid orange and pink-purple tulips blooming in a Salt Lake City garden. Prints of Spring Colors are available on a variety of gallery-quality fine art substrates including paper, canvas, aluminum and acrylic. For details, click: 0 comments

Macro photograph of vivid purple and yellow pansies. Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

An African White Iris photographed as the sun was setting. 0 comments

Photographed at the Lion House Pantry at Temple Square, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1 comment

Vibrant orange poppies photographed in Temple Square garden, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1 comment

Photographed at the gardens of the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. 0 comments

Narcissus and Tulips by Rona Black 2011. Photographed in Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah. 0 comments

Homegrown tomatoes from my friend's garden. They are as delicious as they look! 0 comments

The emergence of green strawberries at the start of summer. 0 comments

Rain-soaked Peonies has become my best-selling image. It is the first of my photographs to have been purchased in every format offered: framed prints, stretched canvas prints and greeting cards. I found these beautiful flowers in London at the Middle Temple Garden of the Inns of Court in the spring of 2009. I've never seen any other like them. They were unusual both for their size and color; they were quite large and the color gradation included pink and yellow in the same bloom. Raindrops added to the unique presentation. 0 comments

I came upon this swallowtail butterfly as it was making its way through Salt Lake Temple garden at the end of tulip season. 0 comments