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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Writing from life

by rogerburnett , August 25, 2014—12:00 AM

Topics: Caribbean, Passion Love, life, nude, poetry, sketches

Just as I paint from life in order to capture the transient moments of life, I find that poetry is most effective when scribbled down in the heat of the moment.

The following lines refer to an emotional reunion. They were text to me, rather than scribbled, by Jessica Bellevue, my model and poetic muse. With poetry, as with painting, the simpler and more immediate the statement, the more profound.

Seriously I cried and well he held me, But d more I cried.

Today's painting is from the series I made of Jessica deep in poetic composition.




  Dave Berthold

09/06/2014 * 21:30:13

I was drwn to your painting from a far, but didn't see the person until I looked up close. Well done.

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