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Roger Burnett Art Blog

The Fountain of Youth

by rogerburnett , April 6, 2014—02:28 AM

Topics: Caribbean, Passion Love, bathing, life, models, mythology, nude, painting, sketches

At the time when Columbus discovered these islands, it was rumored that there was a river, spring or fountain where the waters had such miraculous curative powers that any person who bathed in them would be blessed with everlasting youth.

Jessica, my model and assistant, claims that the river that flows around the boundary of our land has these magical properties. Hence she has named it, "The Fountain of Youth". At the end of each working day, we put the waters to the test and bathe. This ritual serves not only as our Elixir of Life but it gives me practice in sketching the fleeting figure.

These sketches are my most recent catch of bathing figures.



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