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Roger Burnett Art Blog

The Agony and the Ecstasy

by rogerburnett , February 20, 2014—12:00 AM

Topics: Caribbean, Passion Love, life, models, nude, painting

I have stolen the title for today's post from Irvin Stone's 1962 biographic novel on the life of Michelangelo. I look forward, in the next world, to sharing a glass of wine with Michelangelo, and a host of other artists, who have lived and painted with a passion.

I can feel their presence as I struggle with a new collection of figurative watercolour paintings. Giving birth to a painting, involves an agonizing struggle against the odds. At best, a watercolour is an accident waiting to happen. Add to that, the difficulties of working from life; for only rarely can an artist find a muse and model that is able to inspire beyond the dreary norm. If you then consider the chances of each reaching a creative high at one and the same time, the betting is in the region of a thousand to one against.

As with making love, the creative spirit often at its best after a fight. If that holds true there is hope, for my model and I are good at fighting. And if not by making love, we at least make up with a determined burst of ecstatic energy.

The picture is of today's painting, still dripping with emotion.



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