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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Work in progress

by rogerburnett , December 8, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: life, models, sculpture

I hate the finality of finish but favor work in progress.

The portrait bust shown in today's picture was started just over a week ago. As a work in progress, it will continue to evolve over the next couple of weeks. The day will then arrive when the end result has to be cast, once and for all time.

I found my model, not in some halcyon Athenian bower, but selling mangoes by the road side. Had I have grabbed her there and then, she'd have come with her hair plaited in cane-rows. Alas, by the time I arranged for her to sit for me she had straightened out her God-given hair. Why oh why do so many West Indian women fall for a foreign concept of beauty at the ruination of their own?

Never mind, by the end of this week, I'll see that her clay image reflects the the race to which she was born.



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