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Roger Burnett Art Blog

He died from too much living

by rogerburnett , November 20, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Passion Love, life, models, painting, sketches, workshops

When I am finally called to embellish the gates of heaven with angels, kindly remember to chip on my grave stone: "He died from too much living". In the hereafter, rather than resting in peace, I hope to be up to as many tricks as I have been in this world.

One of my daughters once screamed at me to, "Get a life!" Well, if I haven't had a life, I don't know who has. Set against your average eighteen year old, I'm living life to the hilt.

It is therefore refreshing to occasionally meet an eighteen year old who is likewise bubbling with life like crazy.

Such was my good fortune when I was recently booked to give a talk to students at the Dominica State College. Regardless of the arrangements made beforehand, there was no one to meet me or set up the auditorium.

To my rescue came an unforgettable biology student by the name of Umarie, henceforward known as "Frazzy" on account of her zany hair style. With the words, "leave it to me", she literally dragged her fellow students in by the scruff of the neck.

She afterwards volunteered to sit for one of my portrait classes. Thank you Frazzy, you'll take pride of place amongst my angels. In the meantime, here is the demonstration portrait that I made of her.

PS. Come back again, you kept my students awake!




  Andozera ( homepage )

12/12/2013 * 03:21:04

Enjoyed reading this post. It is true when you say that everyone can't see through an artists mind.

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