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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Words of advice on making art and making love.

by rogerburnett , August 23, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Passion Love, life, painting

Making art, like making love, is 99% passion. Tie it down to a set formula and you screw up.

I was reminded of this today when reading an art syllabus for college students. Heavily couched in the language of academia, it read like a gobbledegook script for the comedian Professor Stanley Unwin.

When it comes to talking gibberish, many art writers and elite art institutions can leave the rest standing. A recently launched magazine is focused towards "a converging nexus of artists" and offers "the articulation of a contemporary space, and of a place that lies within coordinates that have become scattered and nebulous, without bouderies".


In simpler terms, here are two quotes that speak of the similarities between love and art.

The artist's experience lies so unbelievably close to the sexual, to its pain and its pleasure, that the two phenomena are really just different forms of one and the same longing and bliss. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

If you bring your sexual impulses to your creative work, you'll be working from deep in the genetic code, down where life wants to make new life and feel good in the process. (Eric Maisel)

And just to prove that my passion does not dwell solely in painting the nude figure, today's illustration shows how I can work myself into rapturous water colour washes over a clutter of fishermen's huts, nets and boats on a tropical beach.




  Roger Burnett ( homepage )

09/03/2013 * 21:31:24

Thanks Ed,

I suppose that's where the passion lies. I firmly believe that unless the artist is passionate about his or her work, you can't expect the viewer to be.


  Ed Tajchman ( homepage )

09/01/2013 * 07:17:10

Interesting writing. I like the part about working deep in the genetic code. I also strive to bring out that kind of depth in my own work.

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